WiFi & Temporary Internet Service for Automotive Events
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Off-road, on the track, and in the showroom, the automotive world moves fast. Vehicle launches have become global online media events where favorable press mentions can drive millions in additional sales for a brand. To take full advantage of the opportunity, you must capture the social media spotlight and the news cycle in the moment. That’s where we come in. We build custom networks, supported on-site throughout your event, to ensure your staff, attendees, and press can stay connected. However you measure success, we serve up a reliable event network with precision execution so that you can achieve your event marketing goals.

Custom Networks Built for Unique Venues

Custom Networks Built for Unique Venues

Don’t let our name fool you. Trade Show Internet supplies wired and wireless (WiFi) solutions for automotive marketing events of all kinds. On one of our first projects in 2009, we provided outdoor guest WiFi for Toyota’s Prius Solar Flower Garden nationwide experiential marketing tour. Upon connecting to WiFi, guests saw a Prius branded splash page. We maintained a real-time online dashboard to monitor the success of the tour.

Willow Springs International Raceway

We designed a network for Porsche’s Ride & Drive event at the Willow Springs International Raceway in the Mojave Desert. To provide Internet service for this remote location, we shot a bandwidth circuit over 20-miles to a point-to-point antenna mounted atop a trailer, anchored by guy-lines to withstand 100 mph winds.

Toyota Hotel Tacoma

We trekked to the Hualapai Mountain Park in the rugged Arizona high country for Toyota’s Hotel Tacoma event, providing satellite Internet and WiFi to the press camp.

Bryce Menzies Guinness world record truck jump

We hiked with 200 pounds of gear half a mile up a mountain in New Mexico to setup a point-to-point relay antenna to support Bryce Menzies’ Guinness world record truck jump, sponsored by Red Bull.

Daimler-Benz turned to Trade Show Internet

Daimler-Benz turned to Trade Show Internet for the premiere of their Freightliner Inspiration Truck, the world's first autonomous truck licensed to drive on public roads. We provided a 50 Mbps bandwidth circuit and built a high-density WiFi network for seven outdoor tents at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Driving Automotive Event Connectivity

If your automotive event takes place in a major metropolitan area or somewhere more remote, and Internet connectivity is mission critical, we can provide a solution to meet your needs. No project is too unusual or challenging for us. We have designed custom networks in airport hangars, campgrounds, outdoor plazas, parking lots, parks, racetracks, raw spaces, warehouses, and everywhere in-between. If you can dream it, we’ll build a network for it.

Deliverables – Client Focused and Detail Obsessed

  • Turn-key event Internet service including pre-event planning, project management, network design, gear deployment, on-site support, and post-event reporting
  • Network engineering team lead to serve as your single point-of-contact on-site
  • Service level guarantee in contract
  • Customer pre-approval for any changes in scope which drive cost increases
  • All wired and wireless network services detailed on one invoice

Internet Checklist for Automotive Events

Whatever your automotive event Internet requirements are, we’ll be there for you with best-in-class solutions, expert advice and support.

  • Video village & back-of-house production compound
  • Social media photo booth
  • New vehicle launch
  • Race control tower
  • Dealer training
  • Off-site tent sale
  • Ride & drive

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