Festival WiFi and Temporary Internet Service Provider
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Wired and WiFi connectivity for festivals

Festivals – Temporary Connected Villages

Today’s festivals operate as fully functional villages. And like the residents of a village, festival attendees expect the basic necessities to be up and running, be they restroom facilities, food and beverage tents, and WiFi. From the moment they set foot on-site, festival goers want ticketing gates to move quickly, RFID/POS terminals to process their food and beverage transactions instantaneously, and the ability to share photos and videos in real time on social media. Of course, vendors and production staff also need a solid Internet network to effectively run their events. These critical event functions cannot be left to chance with spotty, oversubscribed cellular networks. If you're looking to add Internet coverage at an upcoming festival, you've come to the right place.

We Help You Mitigate Risk

We work closely with festival producers to mitigate operational risk by controlling a single critical variable: the network infrastructure. Trade Show Internet’s on-site team will take responsibility for your Internet bandwidth circuits, wired network, and WiFi connectivity so that you can focus on executing the perfect festival. Our networks enable production staff, attendees, and vendors to use bandwidth-intensive technology, including mobile apps, social media, live video streaming, ticket scanning, point-of-sale, email, gaming, virtual reality, and augmented reality at your indoor or outdoor festival venue.

Custom Networks Built for Unique Venues

Don’t let our name fool you. Since 2008, Trade Show Internet has perfected the process of providing Internet coverage to serve the connectivity needs of outdoor festivals. No project is too unusual or challenging for us. We have designed custom networks for events at beaches, campgrounds, farms, parks, piers, and sporting arenas. Whether your festival takes place in a major metropolitan area or somewhere more remote, if network connectivity is mission critical, we can provide a solution that meets your needs and budget. If you can dream it, we can build a network for it!

WiFi Captive Portal – Connecting Attendees to Sponsors

In conjunction with providing Internet access, our WiFi Captive Portal and branded splash page solutions provide valuable marketing opportunities for sponsors by helping you design a festival attendee WiFi experience that will achieve your sponsors’ brand marketing goals. Our software allows you to capture attendee contact and survey data, while sharing promotional content, songs, and videos during the attendee WiFi on-boarding process. Our flexible Captive Portal solution lets you offer a nearly endless variety of calls to action to connect festival sponsors to attendees.


  • Turn-key event Internet service that includes pre-event planning, project management, network design, gear deployment, on-site support, and post-event reporting
  • Network engineering team lead to serve as your single point-of-contact on-site
  • Service-level guarantee in contract
  • Customer pre-approval for any changes in scope that could drive cost increases
  • All wired and wireless indoor & outdoor network services detailed on one invoice

Internet Checklist for Festivals

Whatever your festival’s Internet requirements are, we’ll be there for you with best-in-class products, expert advice, and support.

  • Attendee WiFi
  • Sponsored WiFi Captive Portal
  • Video streaming
  • Ticket scanners
  • Press area/media tent
  • Vendor booths
  • VIP area WiFi
  • Production staff office
  • Video village
  • Food trucks

Ready to discuss your event’s needs? Contact us today to start the conversation.