Temporary Internet Service & WiFi for Sporting Events
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On the court, field, or track, athletes strive for peak performance. And so do we. When it comes to providing Internet solutions for sporting events, draft our expert network engineers to join your team. Our event networks are completely independent from cellular. We provide dedicated bandwidth circuits and design high-density WiFi networks to ensure your athletes, fans, vendors, and staff will stay connected.

Custom Networks Built for Unique Venues

Don’t let our name fool you. Whether your sporting event takes place in an arena, racetrack, or stadium, Trade Show Internet can come on-site to deploy a wired and wireless (WiFi) solution.

We provided a 50 Mbps bandwidth circuit and press WiFi for the WNBA’s Washington Mystics at the site of their new DC arena.

We shot a 50 Mbps bandwidth circuit 10 miles from downtown Austin to connect the video live stream and guest WiFi at ExxonMobil’s Speedpass Zone during the Formula One U.S. Grand Prix at Circuit of The Americas.

From the San Pedro, CA harbor to RFK Stadium in Washington, DC, we traversed the country providing bandwidth circuits at various racetracks for Red Bull Global Rallycross.

U.S. Soccer relied upon Trade Show Internet to live stream soccer games from 14 camera field positions over 1 square mile at Westfield, Indiana’s Grand Park for their Development Academy Playoffs & Showcase.

At the annual Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run, the event production team turned to Trade Show Internet to ensure 15,000 runners could verify race results in real time.

We Help You Mitigate Risk

We work closely with sporting event producers to mitigate operational risk by controlling a single critical variable – the network infrastructure. Trade Show Internet’s on-site team will take responsibility for your Internet bandwidth circuits, wired network, and WiFi connectivity so that you can focus on executing the perfect event. Our networks enable production staff, vendors, and fans to use bandwidth-intensive technology including mobile apps, social media, live video streaming, ticket scanning, point-of-sale, email, gaming, virtual reality, and augmented reality at any indoor or outdoor sports venue.

Capturing Fan Data with a WiFi Splash Page and Captive Portal

Depending upon who your ticketing partner is, and how many times a ticket has changed hands in the secondary market, it can be difficult to collect fan contact information to grow your database. Even if you receive the ticket purchaser’s email address, you may still need to capture the email addresses of the friends they brought to the event.

That’s where we come in. In conjunction with providing seamless Internet access, our WiFi Captive Portal solutions let you design an authentic fan WiFi experience to achieve your specific marketing goals. Capture fan email addresses and grow your database, while sharing exclusive pictures, videos, merchandise, and behind the scenes access. The flexibility of our Captive Portal solution allows you to offer a nearly endless variety of calls to action.

Where to Start?

Here are some topics to consider when choosing an IT vendor for your sporting event.

  • Connectivity begins with your event’s bandwidth circuit. Depending on venue, your bandwidth source could be a fiber circuit, wireless point-to-point circuit, a satellite circuit, or some combination of the three to create a reliable network.
  • You may need wireless point-to-point bridges to cover large outdoor spaces with multiple fields, ticketing gates, and production compounds. Wireless point-to-point bridges provide a great alternative to running cables through high traffic areas.
  • Your service provider will usually need to set up a network operations center (NOC), where a core router, firewall, reporting server, and uninterruptable power supply will be installed.
  • WiFi coverage for your event’s floorplan will often require multiple access points.
  • Ethernet drops and switches may be required for wired connections.
  • Environmental concerns include gear that can withstand heat, wind, and moisture, as well as DOT-approved cable ramps. If there are power limitations, a solar-powered rechargeable UPS may be needed.
  • Will you allow sponsors to participate in the WiFi Captive Portal to help offset your event’s production costs and collect fan data?

Internet Checklist for Sporting Events

Whatever your sports event Internet requirements are, we’ll be there for you with best-in-class solutions, expert advice and support.

  • Video village & back-of-house production compound
  • Merchandise booth
  • Food trucks
  • Race control tower

Ready to discuss your event’s needs? Contact us today to start the conversation.