Event WiFi and Internet Service for Hackathons
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Temporary Internet and WiFi solutions for hackathons

Our Commitment as Your ISP: To Deliver World-Class Internet Connectivity for You and Your Attendees

The increasing popularity of hackathons provides great opportunity for hackathon organizers and sponsors, but also poses some serious challenges. One of these challenges is providing flawless Internet connectivity for participants in large meeting spaces which may not have been built with the IT infrastructure required to support such a unique type of event. Hackathon attendees have high expectations. They demand a fast, enterprise class network with on-site IT support throughout the event. Pulling off an impeccable network experience requires a skilled team of network engineers and the latest high-density WiFi equipment which few ISPs can provide.

At Trade Show Internet, our knowledgeable network engineering team draws on best practices established from years of experience supporting our hackathon customers. We use state of the art IT and WiFi equipment to make sure your hackathon attendees do not experience network failure. We understand many hackathons take place over 36 or 48 hours, so we have no problem designing a schedule with our engineers working in alternating shifts to ensure round-the-clock on-site support. We also provide a service level guarantee for every event to highlight our commitment to making your hackathon a success. If your hackathon event is too important to have Internet connectivity issues, then you've found the right ISP. Welcome to CONNECT by Trade Show Internet.

When you work with Trade Show Internet, we will manage every part of the network at your hackathon. Our CONNECT service includes project management of all IT services including provisioning bandwidth circuits, hardware procurement, and on-site network planning and deployment. All of your wired and wireless network services fees will be provided on one invoice. CONNECT is designed to create temporary Internet access for any hackathon location practically anywhere in the world. So if you need temporary bandwidth, WiFi connectivity, wired Ethernet drops, or are just looking to hire an on-site network engineering team to provide support during your hackathon - we can handle all of your event Internet connectivity needs.


  • We will take responsibility for every part of your network, providing a single point of contact and detailing of all wired and wireless network services on one invoice
  • An internet service for your event that includes everything from complete on-site network design, deployment, and management to renting hardware and leasing bandwidth
  • Allows you to create a high speed temporary internet access at any venue, indoor or outdoor, nearly anywhere in the world
  • Attendee productivity is your top concern and your event is too important to risk network failure

Trade Show Internet has been offering WiFi at events since 2008, with customers including Google, Facebook, Github, Nike, MTV, Samsung, Electronic Arts, Disney, Nintendo, Nissan, Toyota and many more. Whether you are looking for temporary internet bandwidth, WiFi connectivity, wired Ethernet drops, or a dedicated on-site network engineering team during a conference, special event or a trade show - Our event WiFi installers can handle all your event internet connectivity needs.