Customer Testimonials - Trade Show Internet

"This year’s Boston DevOpsDays conference was a big success, thanks in no small part to the efforts of you and your team. Great guys, great attitude, highly responsive."

Michael Thomas Clark, DevOpsDays Boston 2017
Renaissance Tech & Media

"At Blue Dog Bakery we are excited/proud to say that we had the best trade show we’ve ever had. Among the many things that went well, I have to tell you that the Trade Show Internet package your company provided was one of the highlights to the week. The package was at the hotel when we arrived, the directions made it extremely easy to set up, and, with your service, we were able to stream the March Madness games FLAWLESSLY. I don’t think I’ve had this positive of an experience with any product in recent memory. I put the return package in the FedEx freight shipment on Saturday - so you should see it sometime mid-week. We thank you (and your team) for a great product/service. If we are in need of internet service for future trade shows, we know exactly who we’re contacting!"

Zach Lopez
Blue Dog Bakery

"Everything has been going very well! We really feel like we found a gem with you guys. Thank you for your continued consistency in excellent customer service and performance! The activations have been going extremely well. Our customers who have been on site to see the activation have been nothing short of impressed. Again, I have to give so much credit to the TSI staff who have played such an integral role in making this first year of activations go over so well."

Max Ieuter
Paragon Marketing Group

"I just want to say, in a time when people don’t often do what they say they’ll do, you’ve been spot on through this whole process, thank you. If I have an opportunity to work with you again wherever I land next I’ll definitely give you a call."

Scott Irwin

"This is just a quick and great big THANK YOU for providing the internet router for our recent trade show. The package arrived to the hotel just as expected - Thank you! The packaging of the unit was amazing – its own little Pelican Case! - Thank you! Perfectly clear instructions - Thank you! A return shipping label - Thank you! And the icing on the cake: The $10 Starbucks Gift Card!! That was such a lovely compliment to the exceptional service you provided my team. And we enjoyed our treats from Starbucks! Believe me when I tell you your information remains at the top of my radar for future Trade Shows. Again, thank you so much for the outstanding equipment and service."

Sue Lindley
Shortcuts Software

"Trade Show Internet is a brilliant cost saving solution compared to the ridiculous prices that are charged when using in-house convention services without compromising on service. Setup couldn’t be easier since everything comes in the case with easy to understand instructions."

Paul Trueman
Sirius XM

"My company develops artificial vision algorithms for the security industry. Remotely demonstrating our product through live streaming video from anywhere in the country is key to our sales process, but standard trade show Internet fees were killing us. Then we found Trade Show Internet. We now have a reliable, affordable Internet solution that we can use to demonstrate our solution at all our shows."

Eric Olson
PureTech Systems

"Trade Show Internet was a pleasure to work with. Selling a web based service requires our staff to have Internet access at shows and conferences. Travel and exhibiting fees are costly, not to mention the outrageous Internet charges which are just getting out of hand. TSI provides our company an affordable and superior product that goes far beyond the standard offering available at the shows."

Getzy Fellig

"We needed a fast, reliable internet connection to demo MoblMuseum, our museum tour platform. Trade Show Internet provided everything we needed in one box, including easy setup instructions. Our demos were a big hit. In the end, saving $1,000 on our internet bill was nice, but spending a total of only 20 minutes to order, setup, and return the kit was where we realized great value -- we almost didn't have to think about it. Great company. Highly recommended."

Zack Blum
MoblMedia Inc.

"Two colleagues and I used the Trade Show Internet product during five days at the MPI World Education Conference. The system was waiting at the bell desk upon arrival at the hotel, set-up was a breeze, the connection speed worked well (even when all three of us were accessing), and the return was a snap using the pre-paid label. If your company is seeking to avoid the outrageous Internet fees that are often charged at convention centers and hotels, Trade Show Internet is an option to consider."

Corbin Ball, CSP, CMP
Corbin Ball Associates

Corbin Ball Associates

"I was very pleased with your service and was surprised how easy it was to use and set up. The Internet connection was as fast or faster than a usual tradeshow Internet connection but it was about 1/5 the cost! The unit was waiting for us when we arrived, and shipping it back was simple. I must admit I was hesitant when I first found your website because it almost seemed too good to be true. I highly recommend this service to anyone, it literally was flawless, fast Internet connection, simple to set up, simple to get the unit and 1/5 the cost!"

David Phillips
NKP Medical Marketing, INC

"I just wanted to let you know that your Internet service worked perfectly at the show. We had absolutely no problems with it - it was easy to set up and faster than other tradeshow Internet providers we have used. Your service was incredible and I will definitely use you again!"

Sandeep Kambo


"Trade Show Internet was accessible and easy to setup. I had peace of mind knowing that we had reliability, freedom and security for our Internet needs at a very cost efficient price!"

Catalina Ramos
Dependable Solutions, Inc.

"I recently used Trade Show Internet at the HITEC show in Orange County, CA. The solution was very easy to setup and to use, it was reliable and extremely cost efficient. Overall, I highly recommend Trade Show Internet."

Antonio DiMilia
FCS Computer Systems

"It worked flawlessly. I would do it again. Easy to setup and easy to return."

John Janetos

"Your system worked so well in San Antonio I'd figured I'll give it another go in Washington. Thanks for a much needed service!"

Robert Thomas