5 Ways to Make Your Brand Shine at Large Events
5 Ways to Make Your Brand Shine at Large Events
  • by Mandy Ong
  • Nov 20, 2018
  • Better Branding, Creating Brand presence, Shine at Large Events

If you’ve got an exhibit at a trade show or other large expo event, it’s important to find unique and interesting ways to stand out from the crowd.  Attendees aren’t drawn toward a simple booth with a couple of chairs and a black-draped table. They expect attention-grabbing displays or interactive engagement strategies to keep them interested.

Here are five ideas for ways your brand can stand out at large events:

1. Video Walls

It’s hard to ignore the sheer size and dazzling color of a massive video wall. Produced by linking high-definition panels side by side, a video wall can span over a dozen feet in width and add a stunningly bold touch to your exhibit. Video walls can be used to highlight your brand or show off your products. You can also turn them into social media walls that show off the latest posts from users engaging with your company.  Forward-thinking audiovisual vendors can also assist you in using some of the newest technology like bezel-less screens for seamless video walls with dazzling visual impact.

2. Touchscreen Displays

Why not take your monitor game up a notch with a giant touchscreen display for your booth?  You can demo your product or service, serve up interactive games or content for booth visitors to try, and even add a printed foam core casing to make the entire display look like a giant tablet or phone.  Laptops and tablets may be portable and convenient ways to showcase content, but nothing beats the visual “wow factor” of a huge, interactive display. Crowds gather ‘round them and your booth becomes a place to see.  Vendors like Giant iTab have these interactive solutions ready to go. And to get these crowd pleasers connected to the outside     world, just add WiFi!

 3. Charging Stations

If you’re hoping to get guests to spend time at your exhibit rather than simply strolling by, charging stations, like those offered by InCharged, are a great way for people to check out your brand while their batteries refill. Attendees appreciate the convenience of having a location to charge their phones without having to pull out their own charger and find an empty outlet elsewhere in the building. In addition, guests will have to put their phones away while they’re juicing up, enabling them to stay engaged with your brand for a more personal level of attention.  Additionally, event industry suppliers have a range of unique charging solutions in furniture of all types these days, so your décor can get a visual boost as well.

4. Virtual Reality

Standing on the cutting edge of technology for so many fields including media, entertainment, medical, industrial and more, VR offers amazing interactive experiences for your brand. Although VR has finally entered the mainstream, not everybody owns a headset or VR-capable device.  Setting up virtual reality glasses, goggles, and machines for your guests can help them enjoy a one-of-a-kind brand experience. Further, the novelty of the experience can help spread information about your exhibit through word of mouth and provide participants with a prospective journey that’s exciting and interactive – no passport required!

5. WiFi Hotspots

Exhibitors may compete to give away the best “swag,” but your brand can stand out by offering the one thing everyone at a large event truly craves: a fast, reliable internet connection.  Internet access in large exhibition halls can be slow, inconvenient, pricy, or even unavailable for guests. Setting up a private, secure, dedicated WiFi network to offer guests complimentary internet access would be just as refreshing as handing someone a glass of water in the desert.  Using splash pages or captive portals can also provide additional company info, collateral downloads, and branding, and give you the opportunity to collect email leads from users as they sign on. Combine great WiFi with some comfy seating and charging stations and you’ve created a booth that attendees will flock to.

Trade Show Internet is a service that offers scalable, plug-and-play WiFi hotspots that can handle dozens of simultaneous connections.  Guests will appreciate being able to stop by your booth and enjoy high-quality internet access. Trade Show Internet’s WiFi Captive Portals and branded Splash Pages can help meet your brand engagement goals while capturing useful marketing data.  Plus, your teammates can maximize usage of their internet-dependent devices using Trade Show Internet’s secure, high-performance, private connection.