Top 4 Technology Trends That Will Revolutionize Your Event
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  • by Trade Show Internet
  • Sep 23, 2016
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Attracting prospects to your booth like bees to honey gets more difficult each year. How can you increase your chances of getting more event attendees interested in what you have to offer? 

According to Statista, trade shows are the most valued B2B marketing strategy in the United States. Are you using the latest and greatest technology to ensure a successful event? Read on and find out.

Technology: Your Ultimate Weapon in Achieving Meaningful Audience Engagement

Capturing interest is key to running a successful event and where technology plays an integral part in setting innovative exhibitors apart from the rest of the pack. Every year, as shows and marketing budgets get bigger, it becomes increasingly more challenging for exhibitors to get their message heard above all of the noise and distractions. How can you enhance recognition for your brand and take center stage at your next event? We have gathered these top tech trends that will help you gather a greater number of qualified leads and maximize your company’s return on investment (ROI) at your next event.


Top Four Technology Trends That Will Revolutionize Your Event 

Interactive Touch Displays

lead capture softwareThere are few better ways to hold an individual's interest than with the power of touch technology. With the help of easy-to-use platforms like iCapture, you can deliver a tailored presentation for your event. These apps can help you educate your visitors, present your offering, gather lead data, and even process orders, all while letting prospects experience your brand in a personalized way. You may even want to step it up a notch with the use of an interactive display that projects on the floor or wall of your booth, allowing visitors to interact with the displays while not being glued to a traditional touchscreen display.



Digital Signage

While this isn't totally new, digital signage is one of the most versatile and inexpensive ways to replace traditional print and hang signs. Digital signage is just one of the many methods of advertising that has migrated from a static experience to a tech-enabled experience. Don’t worry, using digital signage doesn't mean you have to shell out big bucks for 8,000 screens. You can broadcast your brand message through LCD or LED screens, or even a tablet on your display table.

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Power & Mobile Hotspot

As more events are run by technology, people will always be desperately searching for two things: power and high-speed internet. By setting up a charging station at your booth and/or providing free WiFi access, you can create more opportunities to market your brand. For example, while people are charging or connecting to your hub, you can broadcast information about your product or service. Most people realize that nothing in life is free, but hopefully, power and WiFi can provide just the hook you need so that prospects can learn how amazing your offerings truly are!

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Virtual Reality

If you have the budget to spare, get virtual! This is a step up from your wearable technology where you can collect and track consumer data. Vendors like Samsung and Oculus have been showcasing the power of VR to show off their gadgets and, most often, these sessions sell out even with a limited number of guests who can access this technology at an event.  Of course, attendees can also stream these sessions with their VR-enabled devices after the event, so its value continues even after the event ends.

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You cannot ignore the impact technology continues to have on the meetings industry. Each year, we will see an increase in usage of evolving technology that is created for one purpose: Higher Attendee Engagement. Are you ready to take your event to the next level?



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