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Enterprise Class WiFi and Wired Networks for Nashville

Powered by CONNECT from Trade Show Internet

Company event Internet solutions for conventions, conferences and trade shows in Nashville. Internet for hackathons and indoor & outdoor special events.

Our Commitment as Your ISP: To Deliver World-Class Internet Connectivity for You and Your Attendees

Event organizers in Nashville can guarantee a reliable network experience for their events by using CONNECT by Trade Show Internet. Securing reliable Internet services for events such as conferences, conventions, trade shows, hackathons, meetings, employee training events or even product launches is typically a daunting exercise that requires a high level of network engineering expertise and equipment.

Trade Show Internet leverages years of experience, a high level of technical expertise, a knowledgeable network engineering team and robust network infrastructure to deliver an outstanding network experience for your event's attendees. Our customers receive a service level guarantee in writing reflecting our commitment to providing reliable Internet service for your trade show, conference, or convention in Nashville. Custom connectivity services ensure that conference attendees do not have to worry about downtime and you can focus on other critical parts of the event.

Your assigned project manager will take responsibility for all aspects of your event's IT solution, providing onsite network design, deployment of the network, management of the temporary network installation, hardware rental and bandwidth leasing for any event in Nashville.

Trade Show Internet's CONNECT service is available for temporary Internet connections for all venues in Nashville including indoor and outdoor spaces. CONNECT services include Wi-Fi connectivity, wired Ethernet drops, VLANs, and even dedicated on-site network engineers for the duration of your event.


  • We will take responsibility for every part of your network, providing a single point of contact and detailing of all wired and wireless network services on one invoice
  • An internet service for your event that includes everything from complete on-site network design, deployment, and management to renting hardware and leasing bandwidth
  • Allows you to create a high speed temporary internet access at any venue, indoor or outdoor, nearly anywhere in the world
  • Attendee productivity is your top concern and your event is too important to risk network failure

Trade Show Internet has been offering WiFi at events since 2008, with customers including Google, Facebook, Github, Nike, MTV, Samsung, Electronic Arts, Disney, Nintendo, Nissan, Toyota and many more. Whether you are looking for temporary internet bandwidth, WiFi connectivity, wired Ethernet drops, or a dedicated on-site network engineering team during a conference, special event or a trade show - Our event WiFi installers can handle all your event internet connectivity needs.

Temporary Bandwidth Service

Your bandwidth circuit is the pipe carrying your event's network traffic to and from the Internet. Ensuring the right amount of dedicated bandwidth is essential to a fast wired or wireless network.

Network Design & Deployment

Our network engineering team will come on-site to deploy a complete WiFi network using our enterprise-grade networking equipment designed specifically for high density environments.

On-Site Support & Reporting

We set up a Network Operations Center (NOC) at your event where our engineers monitor your network in real-time, making adjustments to keep things running smoothly.


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