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Las Vegas Convention Center

Does the Las Vegas Convention Center have WiFi Internet access available?

Yes, the Las Vegas Convention Center WiFi is “free”, but, for most shows, their free service is limited to the lobby and registration areas. By contrast, the price for an Internet solution offering reliable bandwidth and connectivity on the trade show floor is very high.

How much does WiFi Internet cost per day at the Las Vegas Convention Center?

Pricing for exhibitor WiFi/Internet at the Las Vegas Convention Center is on a per event basis rather than a per day basis.

Third party providers of Internet/WiFi, like Trade Show Internet, are able to offer significant savings (and streamlined ordering) when compared to the “preferred”, in-house provider. This is because the in-house provider is forced to share a portion of its revenues with the venue. As a result, many people depend on WiFi providers like Trade Show Internet for access to reliable, fast Internet. We offer Las Vegas Convention Center exhibitors a wide range of event Internet rental solutions at varying rates to fit a multitude of connectivity needs, starting at $599 for WiFi supporting up to four devices.

According to Cox Business’ website, shared bandwidth with speeds up to 3 Mbps is $745, but this is just for your first device. Each additional device (IP address) will cost $164 and this package is limited to three devices. If you need to connect more than three devices, you will need to upgrade from the “Business Starter” to the “Business Select” plan, which provides speeds up to 10 Mbps and costs $995 for your first device.

But what exactly is “shared bandwidth”? Just like any other shared resource, shared bandwidth is bandwidth that is provided to a group of users. If the number of users in the group is small and their usage is light, then the expected speeds should be close to the advertised “up to” speeds. If, however, the number of users that are sharing the connection is large and/or the usage on the shared connection is heavy, than actual speeds may be significantly less than the advertised “up to” speeds. Unfortunately, you don’t have any control over who else is on the shared network with you and how much data they will be using at any given time.

If you are not interested in taking a gamble on how much data you’re actually going to receive, you will require dedicated bandwidth. At the Las Vegas Convention Center, dedicated internet packages for exhibitors provided by Cox Business range between $3,500 for a basic 3 Mbps connection to $60,000 for a 200 Mbps connection. Custom Internet packages are also on offer at a personalized rate for exhibitors with higher bandwidth requirements. Even with these hefty price tags, these services only come with 3 IP addresses (i.e. – can only be used by three devices) and each additional IP address costs $164.

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How do I get WiFi supplied at the Las Vegas Convention Center?

Instead of shelling out for the unreasonable price of Las Vegas Convention Center Internet, you can upgrade your event experience with our 4G Internet Kit and 4G Mega Internet Kits, which deliver temporary Internet service to meet any need. These WiFi hotspot rentals offer cellular-based connectivity capable of supporting up to 300 devices and allow you to set up a fast, reliable network inside your booth for a fraction of the cost of getting a “hard-wired” connection from the venue. Further, your network will be completely independent of the venue’s network and fully endorsed by the FCC, so you can stay connected with confidence and don’t need to worry about your network being blocked, jammed or illegally interfered with in any way.

If instead of exhibiting you are hosting a large event at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Trade Show Internet can provide a powerful Internet connection via our Fiber Optic Bandwidth package. It’s significantly less expensive than bandwidth provided by the in-house Las Vegas Convention Center for identical connection speeds.

Once our team knows your event requirements (such as the number of vendors, the dates that the event will take place, area to be covered, and so on), we can offer competitive pricing for various Internet speeds with the following benefits:

  • Circuit activation in 1-3 days vs. 60-90 days with the usual suspects (AT&T, Time Warner, Comcast, & Verizon FiOS)
  • No installation fee
  • Short-term event pricing
  • Service-level guarantee

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About the Las Vegas Convention Center

One of the largest convention centers in the world, with approximately 3.2 million sq. ft. of exhibit space, the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) can host more than 200,000 participants. Even greater than its capacity is its legacy; the Las Vegas Convention Center has hosted some of the busiest and most significant business events in the US, like COMDEX, the most popular trade show of its time. Its strong connection with the electronics industry continues with the annual hosting of the Consumer Electronics Show, a dense event packed to the brim with tech enthusiasts and bloggers.

General Info

Rated gold by the International Association of Convention Centres, the Las Vegas Convention Center has 144 meeting rooms, a massive lobby and registration area, and exhibit halls that can be linked or separated according to an event’s requirements.


While at the Las Vegas Convention Center, guests have access to:

  • Tons of Space: The LVCC features 13 exhibition halls with numerous additional private and smaller spaces. There’s even room outside if you need it!
  • In-House Internet: Free Las Vegas Convention Center Internet coverage is restricted to the lobby and registration area. Internet costs for Las Vegas Convention Center exhibitors are very high, so settling for in-house Internet is not advisable. If you’re looking for a reliable Internet connection at the Las Vegas Convention Center, your best option is to invest in a temporary WiFi hotspot rental.
  • Business Services: These include, but are not limited to, on-site catering services, a FedEx Office, and an American Express Business Lounge.
  • Parking: The LVCC has parking spots for more than 10,000 cars and trucks.
  • Restaurants: If you’re hungry, or if you do your best work off the trade show floor, feel free to visit or order in from the two restaurants and Starbucks café within the convention center.

Reaching the Venue

The LVCC is just 4 miles from LAS Airport and can be reached with a 12-20-minute drive. The closest monorail station is – you guessed it – the Las Vegas Convention Center Monorail Station. And if you want to take the bus, you’ll need to get off at the Paradise stop.

If you don’t want to make the commute, you can stay at the Westgate Las Vegas hotel, which is adjacent to the convention center. There are also numerous cafes nearby for event attendees to catch up over some coffee or a bite to eat.

Looking for an Internet package vendor for your event? Get in touch with us for reliable, high-speed Las Vegas Convention Center Internet solutions.


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