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Does McCormick Place have Free WiFi?

Yes, McCormick Place has “free” WiFi available. However, you should note that it is only available in the permanent Food Pod Areas as well as one Hotspot area per exhibit hall (A-F). Complimentary WiFi at a speed of 256Kbps is offered in public/function space and meeting rooms. To put things in perspective, this is a very slow connection - ie less bandwidth than is recommended for some audio streaming services such as Amazon Music Unlimited or Google Play Music.

Stronger, more widespread wireless service is available in the meeting rooms and throughout the exhibit halls if you purchase Internet packages from the in-house provider.

How much does WiFi Internet connection cost per day at the McCormick Place?

The McCormick Place offers both wired and wireless Internet services for exhibitors.

The wired Internet packages offered by the in-house provider are as follows:

Associate Class Shared Wired Service

With typical speeds up to 512Kbps for 1 DHCP IP address, this package costs $500 per unit and is suitable for an individual user who wants an easy plug-and-play access to email and very light web surfing on one device. This package does not support streaming audio or video, a wireless access point is not permitted on this service.

Executive Class Shared Wired Service

This package offers speeds upto 1Mbps and can be used to connect four devices, with an option of purchasing up to 6 additional addresses. At $1200 per unit, it is best suited for exhibitors who need a minimal bandwidth and the ability to access the Internet over multiple devices with plug and play capability. Again, this package supports light web surfing and connecting a wireless access point is not permitted on this service.

Wireless Options

When it comes to WiFi facilities in the exhibit halls, McCormick Place offers multiple wireless Internet packages:

  • VIP Wireless at $300: speed up to 1.5Mbps for 1 device only
  • VIP Plus at $450: speed up to 10Mbps for 1 device only

Keep in mind, however, that only devices which operate at 5.0 GHz can utilize the wireless Internet services.

With the exception of the VIP Plus package, all of these offerings are exceedingly slow. Further, the VIP Plus package only supports one user. If you plan to use the Internet for multiple devices and/or need access that is not cripplingly slow, we’d recommend considering our 4G Internet Kit. Our 4G Internet Kit lets you connect up to 15 devices within a 60' x 60' area. Starts at $659 for up to five devices and providing reliable Internet speeds of up to 15Mbps for downloads and 5Mbps for uploads, the 4G Internet Kit is a far superior offering when compared to the services offered by McCormick Place.

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How do I get WiFi supplied at the McCormick Place?

When you consider the Internet bandwidth offered by the in-house provider at McCormick, as well as the device restrictions, it’s evident that what you get is not worth the cost. For wired Internet services, the venue charges anything between $500 to $1200 for internet packages that offer speeds no greater than 1Mbps.

When it comes to wireless Internet services, prices start from $300 for a 1.5Mbps connection for a single device. If you are looking to connect five devices, you are looking at a cost of $1,200 for seriously slow Internet.

Instead of shelling out for these unreasonable prices for in-house Internet solutions at McCormick Place, you can upgrade your event experience with Trade Show Internet’s portable 4G Internet Kit.

If you expect your booth to see heavy foot traffic or plan to encourage a lot of online activities like tweeting, vlogging, and live-streaming, it is a good idea to invest in a dedicated WiFi hotspot rental solution for your booth.

Our 4G Mega Internet Kits may prove to be among the best solutions at McCormick Place. The kits offer WiFi service for up to 100 devices, operate at blazing fast speeds, and at a starting price of $2,450, they cost significantly less than comparable in-house Internet solutions. You can also be assured of a fast and reliable network with speeds up to 80Mbps for downloads and 25Mbps for uploads.

There are absolutely no worries about being blocked, jammed, or illegally interfered with in any way, as this data is captured by the unit, and hotels and convention centers have learned their lesson after receiving heavy fines from the FCC for undertaking these actions.

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About McCormick Place

The largest convention center in North America by both total space and exhibit space, McCormick Place boasts 2.7 million sq. ft. of exhibit space and a theater with 4,250 seats. The convention center is located in a gorgeous water-side locale and hosts some of the biggest events in North America, like IMTS - The International Manufacturing Technology Show, which is regularly one of the top three largest shows in the country.

General Info

While it may seem like any other convention center, there’s a lot more going on at McCormick Place than first meets the eye. Attracting about 3 million visitors a year, McCormick Place is comprised of four buildings: North, South, West, and Lakeside Center. If that wasn’t enough of a spectacle, there are also pedestrian promenades and sky bridges linking each building to the next.

With 170 meeting rooms, four theaters, and ceiling heights of up to 50 feet, McCormick place needs to be seen to be believed.
In addition to the above, McCormick Place also offers:

  • access to 5,800 parking spaces
  • free basic WiFi service for attendees
  • a fully stocked FedEx Office.


Grab a Bite: If you’re in Chicago, you’re rarely going to be left wanting when it comes to good food, and around McCormick Place is no exception. The four-star Marriott Marquis Chicago is also nearby, spanning 40 stories and featuring acclaimed American cuisine at its signature restaurant, Woven and Bound. There are also numerous restaurants and cafes that can be found around McCormick Place. If you have the time, why not try some of Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza?

Reaching the Venue

There’s quite a bit of distance between McCormick Place and the nearest airports, O’Hare and Midway, so it’s important to know how to get there.

– If you plan to stay at a hotel before your event, most downtown hotels offer a shuttle service to McCormick Place, which should suit your needs just fine.

– If a train is more your speed, you can take the Green Line, which will drop you off

– If you’d rather take a bus to McCormick Place, you have three options:

  • #3 King Drive
  • #4 Cottage Grove
  • #21 Cermak Road

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