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Orange County Convention Center (OCCC)

Does the Orange County Convention Center have free WiFi?

Yes, the Orange County Convention Center has “free” WiFi available, but only in certain areas. For casual WiFi connectivity, the convention center’s free network (768Kbps up/down speed per user) is available to use in the common areas and lobbies, but that coverage does not extend into the exhibit hall. Additional wireless service is available in the convention center’s meeting rooms and exhibit halls for a high price.

How much does the WiFi Internet connection cost per day at the Orange County Convention Center?

Pricing for exhibitor WiFi/Internet at the Orange County Convention Center may be more than you’d expect, particularly for dedicated Internet coverage services. It may cost as much as $5,244 for a 3Mbps dedicated Internet solution.

Fortunately, third-party Internet/WiFi providers like Trade Show Internet can net you significant savings (and streamlined ordering) compared to the “preferred” in-house provider, SmartCity Networks, which charges higher rates because it is forced to share a portion of its revenue with the venue. As a result, many people depend on Internet solutions providers like Trade Show Internet for access to reliable, fast Internet.

We offer Orange County Convention Center exhibitors a wide range of event Internet rental solutions at varying rates to fit a multitude of connectivity needs, starting at $599 for WiFi supporting up to five devices.

Our pricing is significantly more cost-effective than the prices charged by OCCC’s in-house provider, whose rates start at $1,095 for shared-bandwidth premium Internet services. What’s more, for each additional device connecting to their premium Internet service, the rate is increased by $150. Further, in order to upgrade to a public IP address, you will be charged no less than $199.

If you’re not interested in taking a gamble on how much data you’re actually going to receive, you'll need dedicated bandwidth. At the Orange County Convention Center, dedicated Internet packages for exhibitors range from $3,495 for a basic 3Mbps connection to $7,850 for a 10Mbps connection. Upgrading to 29 public static IP addresses for a dedicated Internet service will cost an additional $995 - and all of these prices are at the “Incentive” pricing, necessetating “payment 21 days prior to 1st day of show move-in”.

Furthermore, the cost of a switch (limited to 24 ports) is $225. If you require labor/floor work to install your network, be ready to pay $125 per hour.

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How do I get WiFi supplied at the Orange County Convention Center?

The Internet facilities at the Orange County Convention Center are provided in the center’s public spaces for free, but this courtesy doesn’t extend to where it matters most: the meeting rooms and exhibit halls.

If you are exhibiting at the OCCC, you might also consider Trade Show Internet’s 4G Mega Internet Kits, which operate at blazing fast speeds and offer reliable WiFi service to satisfy a large crowd. These WiFi hotspot rentals are capable of supporting up to 300 devices and cost significantly less than the in-house Internet solution. You can also rest assured that you’ll have access to fast network speed with no worries about being blocked, jammed, or illegally interfered with in any way.

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About the Orange County Convention Center

Located in Orlando, Florida, the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) is the second-largest convention center in the U.S. With 2,100,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space and 74 meeting rooms, the OCCC is well-equipped to handle just about any type of event. In the past, it has even hosted concerts by Aerosmith and Madonna.

General Info

Boasting a total area of 7 million sq. ft. and 74 meeting rooms, the OCCC also has a 2,643-seat theater and three full business centers for all your conference needs. In addition to in-house plumbing, rigging, and technical services, you’ll find wireless mobility throughout the entire complex - but often at speeds that are reminiscent of the car crash sound produced by the dial up modems of the 1990s.


At the Orange County Convention Center, guests will have access to:

  • Parking: On-site parking for 6,220 vehicles
  • Three full-service restaurants and eight food courts serving a variety of food from deli sandwiches to pizzas
  • Three Docks: 173 bays for larger vehicles such as cargo or equipment-laden trucks
  • Internet Facilities: 768Kbps Internet, provided for free in public areas and restaurants and in meeting rooms and exhibit halls for a fee

Reaching the Venue

Located 10 miles from Orlando Airport, the OCCC is only a 20-minute drive away, and when returning to the airport, you can make use of the taxi stands set up in front of the building for a hassle-free experience. If you're traveling by bus, the 08 bus is your best bet for being dropped off as close as possible to the convention center.

For those who’ve yet to secure their hotel, the closest hotel to the OCCC is the Hyatt Regency. You’ll also find a bunch of nearby restaurants, cafes, and general stores if you happen to need anything while out and about.

Looking for a WiFi solution vendor for your event? Get in touch with us for reliable, high-speed Orange County Convention Center WiFi solutions.